Helping at Resala

Today I have a meeting at Resala, Nasr City branch. The meeting is at the poverty assistance department of Resala. This department is responsible for assisting poor families. Resala offers several types of assistance to families that are in need. First of all, Resala provides poor families who live in poor areas with monthly monetary assistance as well as food bags. In addition, Resala provides them with medical care when needed.

Another interesting service Resala provides is called “projects”. The projects service is under the Resala “assistance” department. It helps those families that can start a projects. For instance a poor woman who had kids but no husband to take care of them or a sick husband incapable of work can start a project such as a small kiosk selling all sorts of small things for passers by. Resala provides such a family with funds for starting the project, and they give the money back to Resala on installments without paying any interest whatsoever.

Under the “assistance” department of Resala there is also another interesting service which is a recruitment service for those looking for work. If you need some worker, you can go to such service and tell them what type of worker you want and they will fetch you your need. If you know someone looking for work, you can also point him or her to the recruitment service offered by the assistance department at Resala.

In order to offer their services in a proper way, the assistance department at Resala first researches each family that claims to be in need of assistance. If the such family turned out not to be really in need, Resala does not offer them assistance. Only families that are in real need are helped by Resala. As for the projects service, Resala makes a feasibility analysis for the projects first before offering the funding.

It is my firs time to participate in the assistance department at Resala. Today will be my first meeting there. I believe I’d love the volunteering work at that department. Perhaps I can volunteer at the recruitment service they are offering due to my experience in the field of HR and recruitment.


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