Resala Goes to Suez

I’ve just returned back from the Nasr City branch of Resala. I mainly went to the “assistance” department there. As I entered the room, I found a number of volunteers standing there all around the room packing bags with various food stuff. I remember rice was among the things packed. I also noticed a very large pack. Such large packs contained rice. The volunteers opened those large bags and emptied them in smaller plastic bags. After repacking the rice and other food stuff, the volunteers made a collection of various food stuff and put it in bags for distribution on needy families.

One of the volunteer that have been participating in such activities since four years told me that tomorrow the “assistance” team of Resala Nasr City will be heading to Suez. Those food packages are to be distributed there during that trip. The team which is composed mainly of volunteers will start their trip from in front of Resala Nasr City. The meeting time should be 9 AM tomorrow morning. The trip should be complete around 5 PM in the afternoon in Suez and head to Cairo after that back to the Nasr City branch of Resala. A bus will take the volunteers and the food packages. Besides food, there are also other stuff for poor families. I believe among such things are refrigerators and things like that. At Suez, there will be guides with each group of volunteers who will guide them around to reach the poor families and deliver the food packages and the other things to them.

The volunteered whom I spoke to today told me that they have been to Suez first to check and see which families are really in need. The process starts by volunteers from Resala going to some charity organization at a poor location and asking them for names and addresses of poor people in their area. Then Resala representatives go and check to make sure that such people are really in need. After that packing of food packages and other things is done. The final step in the process is the actual delivery of such food bags. That is the step that should be taking place tomorrow in Suez.


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