Special Needs Children

During my time at Resala today, I also visited the department for special needs children. I sat down with the responsible for that department and she told me all about the services they offer to special needs children. I do not remember all the services she told me about, but one of the activities that grabbed my attention was offering those children the opportunity to draw and paint. Other activities included teaching them basic things that regular kids are able to do. Volunteers start teaching those kids from scratch as if their minds where a white sheet of paper ready to absorb whatever is put on it.

Some of the activities for those children are not done by volunteers, but are done by specialists. A speech professional provides them with specialized sessions to train them on speaking for those who have speech disabilities. Such children with speech disabilities are different from deaf children. They are able to speak a little or some letters but not others. As for deaf children and adults, there is another section at Resala specially for them. Perhaps I can talk about it at a future post.


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