Experience of a Mother

I have just returned from Resala. I was attending the second and final part of a seminar there entitled Experience of a Mother. A mother who has a 9 year old child with downs syndrome was the speaker in this seminar. She was telling us about how to deal with special needs children such as those who have downs syndrome, CP or autism.

The seminar was so rich because the mother who spoke in it had long first hand experience with such children due to her having a child with downs syndrome. In addition, she has taken courses in how to deal with special needs children. The result was an informative and realistic seminar about the reality of dealing with such children.

Here is a a number of points I remember from the seminar:

  • Down syndrome is caused by a disorder in splitting of the female ovary which causes the cells to have 24 chromosomes instead of the normal 23. When united with a male sperm cell, the result is a 47 chromosome cell instead of the normal 46 chromosome cell found in normal people. The extra chromosome causes down syndrome in the child.
  • Some children with down syndrome can perform exceptionally on piano.
  • Intelligence is a matter of exerting effort and is a matter of practice. With practice children can learn and improve.

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