Distributing Food Bags with Resala

Today was the first time I go out with a group of volunteers from Resala to distribute the food bags we had been packing on poor families. The trip was really amazing. I loved it dearly and would love to go again with those wonderful people.

We started early in the morning in front of Resala Nasr City by loading two small trucks with pre-packed food bags for distribution on poor families. After counting the bags and arranging them on the two small trucks, the volunteers gathered and took off in two shuttle busses.

We arrived there and unloaded the plastic bags. Then we were divided into small groups of five volunteers each. Each group had a leader. A leader is usually a more experienced volunteer picked to lead the group. Each group also had a guide. The guide was a resident of the area we were visiting and knew the families there.

A accompanies one of the groups. We carried some of the bags and followed the guide. We knocked on the door of each poor family, checked to make sure their ID matches the one of the names we had in our list then gave them their food bag accompanied by a greeting and usually we got a nice prayer in return.

After distributing all the 250 food bags, we all took a bus and went back to Resala Nasr City. It was really a wonderful day. Now that I am familiar with the process, I hope I can start doing more of this.


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