Sense of Achievement

Today I attended a third session at Resala about dealing with children with various kinds of learning and developmental difficulties. The session continued discussion of the observation phase and how to observer children closely and try to explain any abnormalities you observer. The session also explained using various games with children to improve several of their skills and also to determine their skills levels.

Following the session, we dealt directly with several children who had several types of developmental and learning difficulties. The one I was assigned to had down syndrome. After going through various games with him, we finally provided him with a paper on which a circle has been drown and another empty paper and a pen. We asked him to draw a circle on the empty paper. That he did well. Upon asking him to draw a triangle, he refused. We showed him several times how to draw it, each time he tried he was unable to and resorted to draw a circle again. Repeatedly we showed him how to draw a triangle but each time he either drew a circle or started to color inside the circle. He refused to tray again drawing the triangle. He then refused to try and draw the triangle. He did not want his inability to draw a triangle to show.

The one responsible for the special needs children at Resala came and held a ruler asking him to draw a line using that ruler. She wanted to teach him how to use a ruler to draw the triangle. He failed even to draw a line using the ruler. All he was able to do was circles. After her persistence with him for several times he was finally able to draw a straight line using the ruler. He was very happy with that and we encouraged him by praising his small achievement. She then kept guiding him showing him how to connect one line with another using the ruler to make up a triangle. It was not easy for him, but in the end he was finally able to draw a triangle with the ruler with her help.

You cannot imagine how happy he was upon being able to draw that triangle after his repeated inability to do so at first. Children with learning difficulties can and do learn but they just need some persistence. The sense of achievement he had upon managing to finally draw a triangle was remarkable.


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