Resala Festival at Al Azhar Park

Yesterday I went with other volunteers from the Nasr City branch of Resala to Al Azhar Park. We took a bus from Resala then passed by an orphanage from which we took a number of orphans who were around two years old. We then headed up to Al Azhar Park. Another Resala bus brought another group of orphans from another orphanage. A group of the orphans were also handicapped. Among those who came with us for the trip were children with developmental disabilities.

Painted Face

The idea behind that day was to make orphans and children with disabilities feel happy, feel loved and spend a nice time at Al Azhar Park.

Volunteers Wearing Masks

Resala volunteers participated in various activities during that day to accomplish that goal. Two of Resala’s female volunteers sat down and painted faces of children which came to them one after the other to have their faces painted. Another two male volunteers slipped into animal masks and suits played and danced with the children who were very happy to see such colorful masks.

Group of Children

Music and songs played in the background while two groups of volunteers carried out some small competitions between the kids such as hopping while wearing a bag or while having one’s foot tied to that of another child. Winners got presents. We also had meals for the children. At the end there was some sort of show for the kids acted by volunteers, it was hilarious.

Children in a Line

Seeing the festivities and hearing the music, other kids who were at the park joined us. Although the two year old children were a bit drowsy the time we took them from their orphanage, on our way back from the Park they were extremely active and kept sining in the bus all sorts of children songs. It was amazing and for me perhaps was the best part of the whole day.

Girl holding Prize


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