How to Grow Mushrooms

A few weeks ago, I attended a short yet concentrated course on how to grow mushrooms. I attended the training at the Food Technology Research Institute, a government funded research center in Egypt. The training continued for five days and involved both lectures and hand on practice.

Before attending that training, I scored the net for information about growing mushrooms. I did find a huge amount of information related to this in online forums, PDF files and regular web pages not to mention videos on YouTube discussing the matter. The most practical information perhaps was the one I found in online forums because it was from people who have had first hand experience in growing mushroom or trying to grow it. Despite the huge amount of information I found online about growing mushrooms, yet I kind of got lost a midst all this ocean of information. Moreover, I did not find a complete reference that nailed down the specifics and focused on the practical side specially in relation to growing mushrooms in Egypt.

Although I am a big fan of self learning and a strong believer in its merits, yet after attending that course in growing mushrooms at the Food Technology Research Institute, I came to the conclusion that nothing could beat the direct learning method which involves taking information from the people who have the practical experience as well as the scientific knowledge to back it. The training I attended was delivered by a group of researchers who are PhD holders as well as a consultant who worked in marketing mushrooms.


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