Raising Children at Resala

Yesterday I attended the second session of a series of sessions about Raising Children. This series of sessions aims at providing sound scientific knowledge coupled with practical methods for raising children and dealing with them in appropriate ways to build their personalities correctly.

The sessions are mainly target volunteers who are in the big brother / big sister program at Resala in which each volunteer selects one of the orphaned children that reside at Resala and becomes his big brother becomes or her big sister. Nevertheless, the sessions were attended by some others who wanted to know more about how to bring up their own children.

Yesterday’s session discussed discussed preventive methods that a parent should use in order to avoid wrong behavior from her children. The second part of the session discussed alternative methods for punishment of children that may be exercised whenever the preventive measures have failed.

The first session, which took place a week ago, talked about fundamental aspects of child rearing. The session discussed the basic needs of children and how to understand such needs and satisfy them.

The approach of the sessions was highly interactive. The speaker asked questions to the audience and related real cases to demonstrate the conceps she was discussing. She also answered the many questions asked by the audience during the sessions.


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