Who Needs to See?

Who needs to see? Imagine spending a full day without having the ability to see anything. How would that one day go? Now imagine spending the rest of your life like that. Now how does it ‘sound’?

Those of us who have been fortunate enough to have the ability to see with their eyes might find the thought of loosing their eyesight horrifying. Yet among us there are many who are completely or partially blind. Using assistive technologies and computers in particular has been a great aid to blind people, yet still human support goes a long way in making their lives easier and better.

Yesterday while at Resala, I was fortuante enough to be asked to assist a young lady in researching info online for her masters degree, the young lady hapenned to be blind. I entered the computer lab specially set for the blind at the Nasr City branch of Resala and spent some time with the young lady trying to help her out find info related to her masters thesis.

With some training, the blind are able to use computers well, provided that the computer is equiped with some reading program such as JAWS for instance. The reason why she needed me was not due to a lack of ability to use the computer, but she was just new to using the Internet and she also needed someone to help her with the English while searching online through websites written in the English language. After spending some time online, we managed to find several articles discussing topics related to her thesis. At the end, she thanked me a lot and I felt happy to be able to help.

If you have never had the chance to deal with the blind before and would like to try and help out a blind person, you may volunteer some of your time and come visit a Resala branch near you. Helping a blind person can be one way to express your greatfulness for being a sighted person. Call Resala now by dialing 19450 from anywhere in Egypt to get connected to the Resala branch nearest to where you’re calling from. Resala has 32 branches in Egypt.

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